About Me

I live and play between Silver Lake & SF. Love music & tinkering, and have been seen from bars to national parks hanging out with the awesome people & animals in my life.

At the moment I’m playing with bioinformatics software, open-source hardware, and distortion pedals. I’m probably language agnostic, using things like C++, Staff Notation, Bengali, MicroPython, TypeScript, and I also speak American. I believe there is Objective Reality & Imagined Reality, so science is important to me.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with companies like NovartisNebula, HealthTap, Rarebase, and others. My research career began in the Misono lab modeling membrane-bound receptors using X-ray crystallography, giving me a taste for in silico methods. Meanwhile I spent over two years at Novartis focused on characterizing liposome based nanostructures.

You can catch up on my domestic life here. During my last visit to India the ferry I was on crashed into another ferry, but it was still a fun trip.

– Mo Rahman

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