About Me

I live and play in the city of San Francisco. Love artsy/off-kilter girls, and have been seen taking tumbles on my bike around town after a beer or two.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 4.14.31 PMAt the moment I’m writing grant proposals, giving lectures, writing code and doing research for a bioinformatics company with a few friends, calling itself GeneDrop. You might have also seen me at Bio+Tech, for which I share responsibility with a couple of other colleagues.

Recently, I’ve been helping companies like Nebula, HealthTap, and Novartis. At Nebula I helped develop genomic analysis pipelines on OpenStack. While at HealthTap I worked on stemming algorithms for medical queries. Meanwhile I spent over two years at Novartis as a process development engineer, at their San Carlos campus , focused on particle engineering with liposome based nanoscale substructures.

I enjoy discovering budding musicians and am a firm believer that sad songs are more worthwhile than upbeat jingles. My research career began in the Misono lab modeling membrane-bound receptors in human arteries, retina & nervous system using X-ray crystallography. For me it sparked a love affair with in silico tools and methods, that seems to get stronger every year.

– Mo Rahman

[1] Genomics And Drug Efficacy: Designing Computational Pipelines to Stratify Individual Patient Responses With Adverse Event Markers. 
[2] Realtime Pharmacogenomic analysis and visualization utilizing, G-Language, Circos, on Nebula distributed computing platform.
[3] Stemming Methodology In Colloquial Query of Medical Terminology For Mobile and Web Based Applications
[4] Lipid Drug Interactions of Liposome Based Delivery Platforms: Indacaterol and Distearoylphosphatidylcholine (DSPC)
[5] X-ray Crystallography of Guanylyl Cyclase A/E Garrett and Grisham “Biochemistry” 4th edition Pg. 1021-1023
[6] http://8iterations.in | http://www.last.fm/user/mokasquarl