Some thoughts on the mind

What do we currently know about the cellular structure of the brain? How does it affect our concept of reality? A quick & basic summary:

3 views of the neuron

The cells of the brain, neurons, have a structure very different from the rest of the body.

At the center of the neuron is the soma, the core. From here branch-like structures called dendrites emerge. The axon, is a single stem which can extend from the soma to very distant spaces, ranging from inches to several feet.

Every thought, feeling, perception, or memory causes an electrical potential to be generated at the soma, passed down the axon and then transferred to other neur ons through dendrites. There are millions of connections between neurons, turning the whole brain into one large network.

This is the stage on which our reality unfolds, everything we learn, everything we feel, all movements and all thoughts occurs through the medium of our neural network.

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