Live @ Future of Genomic Medicine IV: Juan Enriquez – Understanding Life Codes

Managing Director at Excel Medical Ventures and CEO of Biotechonomy. Begins with talk of economy, dangers of bank leverage. BofA lends out $47 per $1 in-hand. Banks fail, gov tries to help, banks bring gov down as well. Dancing in the flames, this is our [researchers] arena, technology is a larger wave than any financial crisis, you will either be washed away or surf  it. Moving from digital code to life code. Man vs mouse 5% difference. Humans transmit code through time. Tribe vs empire as result of standardized code. Changes in code matter, the dominant code is changing, from “01” to “ATGC”. Life is imperfectly transmitted code, imperfection is important. Life code will be the big driver of the global economy. Aileron, protein stabilizers, $1.1B deal. You can order bioreactor and organ printers from Harvard Regenerative Medicine magazine. Community matters, if you’re around happy people you are happy, if you are around obesity than you are inclined to be obese, importance of startup culture to medicine. Can’t genomics be dangerous? Prove to me it will never hurt anyone and we’ll allow you to sell it, in this scheme table salt would not pass FDA clinical trial. Must innovate information infrastructure to handle genomic data.

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